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Our People…Make us Better!

Beyond serving your needs with in-stock inventory and on time delivery, we believe good customer service means quality of work; exceptional customer service means quality of people.

We seek out the best, to offer the best to all of our customers.

We go the extra mile every time!

Michael A. Abel

General Manager
Ext: 9031

Favorite Food/Meal/Restaurant: Filet Mignon / Ruth’s Chris

Favorite Toy as a kid: Major Mat Mason and his Space Crawler

Interesting/Surprising Fact about yourself: Related to Ben Franklin

People I respect the most: My parents

Secret Dream: time travel

What you do for therapy: Scuba dive, waterski, hunt fish

Bob Kempf

Outside Sales/
Territory Manager

Robert.kempf@hajoca.comYears in Industry: 34

Favorite Food/Meal/Restaurant: brats/ steak dinner/applebees

Favorite Movie Quote: and stop calling me Shirley (airplane)

History of you: I started with ABLE part time in high school and was hired full time after graduation . I have worked shipping receiving and delivery driver then customer service and now for the last 20 years outside sales

Interesting/Surprising Fact about yourself: Able is the only job I have ever had and I have never had a job interview

People I respect the most: those who are honest hard working and keep their word

Gary Drossart

Gary Drossart
Outside Sales
gary.drossart@abledistributing.comYears in Industry: 37

Dream Dinner Guest (Dead or Alive): Donald Driver

Favorite Music/Song/Artist: Country & old Rock/Sweet Home Alabama – Lynard Skynard

Favorite Pastime/Activity: Hunting/Fishing-watching the “pack”

Favorite Toy as a kid: my bike

Hero: Muhammad ali

Lifetime Goal: Retire a millionaire

Favorite Hang out: my man cave

Kieth Imm

Kieth Imm
Ext: 3144Years in Industry: 43

Favorite Food/Meal/Restaurant: Italian

Favorite Hang out: Franck’s Gym

Interesting/Surprising Fact about yourself: Set 7 – World Records in Powerlifting

What you do for therapy: Work out

Steven (Steve) Thornewell

Steve Thornewell
Ext: 3106 (I’m never there)Years in Industry: 16 years

Favorite Movie Quote: “Make My Day”

Favorite Pastime/Activity: Fishing/College Football

Favorite Toy as a kid: Can’t think that far back

Interesting/Surprising Fact about yourself: Great interest in world events and financial issues/markets. Actually graduated from a race driving school!

Lifetime Goal: Help people be successful

Special Talent: I play the keyboard – Not a bad mechanic either

Denise K. Seubert

Denise Seubert
Customer Service/ Showroom/Office
Ext: 3104Years in Industry: 38

Dream Dinner Guest (Dead or Alive): Living: Tom Selleck, Dead: Cary Grant

History of you: Born January 5, 1954, grew up in a small town, went to a one room school until fourth grade. My dad was a cheese maker, and my mom was a stay at home mom. I have one brother who is a magician. I have been happily married for 38 years with a wonderful family and extended family.

Interesting/Surprising Fact about yourself: Secretly would like to be a designer. Help people put colors together, plan and design furniture placement pictures. I love to bake sweets and make homemade soup.

Lifetime Goal: To always be kind and not hurt people’s feelings

Mike Ahonen

Mike Ahonen
Customer Service
Ext: 3103Years in Industry: 13

Dream Dinner Guest (Dead or Alive): Al Midlikowski

Favorite Food/Meal/Restaurant: Pizza

Favorite Toy as a kid: Slinky

Favorite TV Show: anything on ESPN

People I respect the most: Abraham Lincoln, JFK & Al Midlikowski

Special Talent: I speak two languanges – English and Yooper

Steve Glimm

Steve Glimm
Years in Industry: 19

Favorite Pastime/Activity: Hunting, Archery

Guilty Pleasure: eating dark chocolate

History of you: love being with wife and doing things together with our grandchildren

Passion: Archery

Secret Dream: To be a famous hunter