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Our People…Make us Better!

Beyond serving your needs with in-stock inventory and on time delivery, we believe good customer service means quality of work; exceptional customer service means quality of people.

We seek out the best, to offer the best to all of our customers.

We go the extra mile every time!

John Clark

General Manger


Cell: 920-931-5600

Dream Dinner Guest (Dead or Alive): My Grandfather

Favorite Food/Meal/Restaurant: Mexican

Favorite Movie Quote: “Politicians are a lot like diapers. They should be changed frequently, and for the same reasons.” Robin Williams in Man of the Year.

Favorite Pastime/Activity: Hunting or Fishing

Favorite Toy as a kid: A Willie Mays model baseball glove, which I still have.

Guilty Pleasure: Cigars

Lifetime Goal: To be the best!

Amy Gruber

Showroom Manager

Ext: 2714

Years in Industry: 22

Dream Dinner Guest (Dead or Alive): My Great Grandfather

Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden

Favorite Toy as a kid: Bike – yellow with a banana seat

Guilty Pleasure: Anything Chocolate

People I respect the most: My Parents

One Wish: That my daughter grows up to be a strong, happy & independent woman

Mark Volpintesta

Purchasing Manager


Years in Industry: 25

History of you:Graduate from UW-EAU Claire – Business Management / Psychology

What do you do for therapy: Golf/Spend time at my camper/watch the Packers

John Hurlbut

Warehouse Manager

Ext: 2716

Years in Industry: 7

Favorite Author: R.A. Salvatore

Favorite Cartoon: Bleach

Favorite Pastime/Activity: Disc Golf

Favorite Toy as a kid: Legos

Favorite TV Show: Better off Ted

Jen Foster

Office Manager

Ext: 2700

Years in Industry: 16

Favorite Author: James Patterson

Favorite Cartoon: Scooby Doo/ Sspongebob – It’s a tie

Favorite Food/Mean/Restaurant:Steak on the Grill

Favorite Movie: TED

Favorite Music/Song/Artist: 80’s Music

Favorite TV Show: That 70’s show

People I respect the most:My Mom

Adam Valiquette

Outside Sales

Years in Industry: 3

Favorite Food/Meal/Restaurant: Steak and Lobster Tail

Favorite Movie: Lucky Number Slevin

Favorite Music/Song/Artist: I like all kinds of music, but it really depends on what I’m doing

Favorite Pastime/Activity: Four-wheeling, Golf, Anything Outdoors

Corey Quinn Schmidt

Outside Sales

Years in Industry: 30

Favorite Movie: Slap shot, Caddyshack

Favorite Pastime/Activity: Golf, Hockey

Favorite TV Show: NCIS

Habits: Wake up evreyday at 4 am

Carrie Lynn Tatro

Quotations Specialist

Ext: 2703

Years in Industry: 11

Favorite Food/Meal/Restaurant: Olive Garden

Favorite Pastime/Activity: Watching movies

Favorite TV Show: 2 Broke girls

Favorite Vacation:Hawaii

Hero: My mom

Interesting/Surprising Fact about yourself: I am a twin – twin brother

One wish: To solve world hunger

Sue Behnke

Sue Behnke Inside Sales / Customer Service
Inside Sales / Customer Service

Ext: 2711

Years in Industry: 10

Dream Dinner Guest (Dead or Alive): I could choose from many famous singers and actors that I enjoy watching perform, but when it comes right down to it, it would have to be my Mother-in-law. She’s been gone for over 20 years and to have her back for just one dinner would be worth more than dining with anyone famous with whom I have no personal connection.

Favorite Food/Meal/Restaurant: That’s 3 questions: Dip and Chips / Cheddar Baked Haddock at Mark’s East Side

Favorite Movie Quote: “Always remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think” – Pooh’s Grand Adventure

Favorite Pastime/Activity: Spending time with my family

Favorite Toy as a Kid:Roller Skates – I lived on them

Guilty Pleasure: Downtown Nashville, TN

Lifetime Goal: That I am remembered by the people I love long after I am gone; and when they remember me, the memory always brings a smile to their face.

Tim Martin


Years in Industry: 4

Favorite Author: Raymond E. Feist

Favorite Cartoon: Archer

Favorite Food: Spaghetti

Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

Guilty Pleasure: Gambling

What you do for therapy: Bowl, Golf