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Brett Philleo

Brett Philleo
Inside Sales


Years in industry: 3

Alter Ego: Phil Dunphy

Dream Dinner Guest (Dead or Alive): Jesus

Favorite Author: Michael J Fox

Favorite Cartoon: Doug Funnie

Favorite Food/Meal/Restaurant: Ginza “sushi”

Favorite Movie: Can’t hardly wait

Favorite Toy as a kid: Stretch Armstrong

Favorite TV Show: King of Queens

Guilty Pleasure: Cookie Butter

Habits: hoarding T-shirts/Tools/Water Bottles

Hero: Jesus

Nicholas Lionel McKiver


Counter Sales

Years in Industry: 2

Favorite Cartoon: Ninja Turtles (90s)

Favorite Music/Song/Artist: Amy Winehouse

Favorite TV Show: Community

Favorite Vacation: New York

Lifetime Goal: to be happy

Hero: Father