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Our People…Make us Better!

Beyond serving your needs with in-stock inventory and on time delivery, we believe good customer service means quality of work; exceptional customer service means quality of people.

We seek out the best, to offer the best to all of our customers.

We go the extra mile every time!

Kevin Strangburg



Years in Industry: 30

Favorite Toy: Tonka trucks. I wish I still had them

Favorite Pastime: Washing my cars, just ask my neighbors

Interesting Fact: I’m missing a major organ.

People I respect the most: My parents for being able to raise 5 kids and having most of them turn out normal.

Pets: Taylor, a miniature schnauzer, the only one in the family that listens to me.

Darlene Clifton

Warehouse, Counter Sales

Favorite Toy as a kid: easy bake oven

Favorite Vacation: Surprise vacation to Vegas when the limo came to pick us up, all I knew was we were going someplace warm.


One Wish: Health for everyone I know

Other: I make patchwork quilts.  I make them about what I think the person likes and needs.  I never ask, they are a gift from the heart.

Mike Dorn

Mike Dorn pic

Warehouse, Counter Sales

Cell: 262.237.6490

Years in Industry: 15

Favorite Author: Hugh Hefner

Favorite Cartoon: Transformers (the original from my childhood)

Favorite Food/Meal/Restaurant: Cow or pig grilled, Oh Dennis’

Favorite Pastime/Activitiy: Baseball, Softball

Favorite Toy as a kid: Transformers (again, the original from my childhood)

Favorite TV Show: Two and a Half Men

Favorite Vacation: Anywhere where it’s warm all year around

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter

What do you do for therapy: Anything involving sports: bike riding (ask Kevin), playing football, basketball, softball…etc, you get the idea.

Glen Kennow


Counter Sales


Years in Industry: 14

Clubs/Affiliations: Cudahy high school trap team

Favorite Cartoon: ED, EDD, and EDDIE

Favorite Drink: strong coffee

Favorite Movie Quote:  hey kids, look, a deer

Favorite Movie: Griswold Christmas vacation

Favorite Vacation: camper

Guilty Pleasure: work

Lifetime Goal: to over take the world… be the best at everything

One wish: to have dinner with my parents